Visual strategy to help a 7th grader with ADHD who frequently interrupts

Many students who are diagnosed with ADHD frequently, but unintentionally interrupt people.  This is a result of their executive functioning challenges around impulse control.  It can also be a result of the fact that people who present with ADHD and struggle socially have difficulty with perspective taking (understanding others thoughts, feelings and intentions). 

I used this visual strategy to teach a 13 year old 7th grader how his brain process works when he interrupts others.  We used this to reinforce how he can use his “Inner Coach” to tell himself that if he interrupts others they won’t be interested in what he has to say because he has interrupted.  

People diagnosed with ADHD as well as Asperger’s and higher-verbal autism often lack the ability to use self-talk to regulate their words/behaviors.  They need to be taught this concept through a skilled approach that works for their learning style. 

Learn more about the work we do at Center for ADHD here. 


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