Prepare your child for the road ahead rather than trying to shape the road for them

This is Sasha.
The most common question I get about Sasha is – “How does she see?”
The truth is I’m not sure how she sees but I know that when I tried to put her hair up in a bow she hates it and she prefers to have it in her eyes.

When I tried to accommodate her, my intentions were good but I wasn’t being helpful to her.

When we try to shape our kids worlds to accommodate them we are doing then a disservice. Once they leave the security of high school the world is not going to bend over backwards to accommodate them.

Rather than trying to prepare the road for your child help prepare them for the road. While it may take them many years to acknowledge this, they will be grateful that you prepared them to function in a world that will not be accommodating to them once they leave the security of high school.

Trust me on this one, Sasha taught me well.

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