Middle School How to Hang Out-1st session




Here’s what we did during our 1st session of Middle School How to Hang Out:
-Talked about initial social anxiety when we’re around a new group of kids.
-Discussed how other kids are always thinking about us and we’re always thinking about them whenever we’re sharing space.
-Talked about how we adjust our behavior based on the context of the situation and how there are different social expectations based on where you are, who you’re with and how well you know the individuals you’re sharing space with.
-Used the “Ready, Do, Done” executive functioning strategy to learn the steps involved in making pancakes
-Played Fortnite Monopoly
-Made pancakes
Here’s what we DID NOT do during How to Hang Out because years of experience has taught me what social skills groups get wrong:
-Role play scripted, socially appropriate behaviors
-Learn social communication skills that are not natural to the way middle school boys communicate with each other
-Have an adult direct the conversation
Could your son benefit from learning how to “hang out” with other boys his age, without the use of screens?
Learn more about this unique social learning program: https://ridethewavecounseling.com/how-to-hang-out/

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