Social anxiety in boys with ADHD


Scott was an 8th grader who had significant social anxiety but was also socially motivated. He wanted friends and often complained about feeling ignored at school. On top of his social anxiety he also had difficulty with perspective taking so he did not understand how he presented to his peers.

Because of his social anxiety Scott often walked with his head down, avoiding eye contact. I took these photos to show him how his body language could influence others’ thoughts¬†about him. (His face is covered to protect his privacy). We worked on what being approachable and unapproachable look like to others.

Like many of the guys who I’ve worked with Scott spent years in social skills groups which were ineffective and a waste of financial resources.

Social anxiety needs to be addressed before social learning challenges which is why I focused our time together working on social anxiety.

Does your son have social anxiety? Please reach out if you’re in South Jersey as I am starting social anxiety groups for boys. No diagnosis is needed to attend:¬†

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