Middle School How to Hang Out Program

During our final February session of Middle School How to Hang Out we:

-Talked about how humor can attract other kids to us or drive them away
-Reviewed will be learning the previous week about situational awareness
-Took a walk to Wawa to get food
-Played games and had natural conversations that were not facilitated by the present adult

How to Hang Out is the only social learning program in the country specifically for boys who present with ADHD or learning differences and it’s based here in Linwood.

You remain how to hang out sessions for the school year will be held in Ventnor so we can take advantage of the boardwalk and being in the community.

If your son is in grades 5 through 8, has a diagnosis of ADHD, learning differences or anxiety and would benefit from learning how to hang out with similar age boys let’s talk:

How to Hang Out Program

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