Middle School How to Hang Out Program-Ryan Wexelblatt



During How to Hang Out we go out into the community (weather permitting) in order to give social executive functioning concepts real-life applications. We don’t just “go for ice cream”, instead we:

-Talk about situational awareness at an ice cream shop, what we should be aware of and what’s expected when we’re out without our parents

-Learn how to be a “social relater” instead of an “information informer” so we show an interest in others in order to make ourselves more endearing and show that we want to be friends.

-Review what we did a good job with during the program that day and what we could do a better job with.

Many kids with ADHD have expressed that being in a social skills group feels condescending because learning scripted behaviors or being rewarded for using good social skills is patronizing. this is this is understandable given that most social skills groups teach scripted behaviors, not how to think in a social context. Most social skills groups use a “one size fits all” approach meaning they group kids together who may have very different profiles and learning needs.

How to Hang Out is for boys in grades 5-8 who present with ADHD, learning differences or mild social anxiety. Our next session begins March 9th in Ventnor.

How to Hang Out is the only social learning program in the country designed specifically for boys.

Please contact Ryan immediately if you are interested in your son joining How to Hang Out: https://ridethewavecounseling.com/how-to-hang-out/

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