Why we shop together during Summer Trip Camp


Ever try shopping with a group of middle schoolers at once? Not the easiest thing to do. So why do we do the BJs run together during camp?

Because we integrate teaching important executive functioning skills such as:
-Learning how to make a “future plan”
-Prioritizing what’s important
-Learning how to figure out what’s a better value
-Developing situational awareness
-Learning how to break down tasks into smaller, manageable parts

-Is your son going to be sitting in front of screens this summer?
-Is he going to be interacting with similar-age boys who get him?
-Is he just being maintained at camp or is he learning skills to improve his independence, executive functioning and social skills? 
-Are these things you never have thought about in regards to summer camp?

If your son will be between 11-15 by June 30th he is eligible to participate in Summer Trip Camp.

Learn more: www.summertripcamp.com