How my “How to hang out” program is different than social skills groups

Last year, when I was speaking at a conference a mother came up to me and shared that her son had been working with a therapist on social skills for several years. Recently, the therapist and her son had worked on asking other boys to come over. Her son did what he practiced with his therapist however none of the boys he invited accepted his invitation.

Here’s what the therapist missed: this boy was asking other boys to come over whom he barely knew and never showed interest in. Why would any boy want to come over and spend time with someone he barely knows and who has never invested the time in getting to know him?

Several parents have shared this same story with me.

Here’s what these well intentioned professionals are missing – you can’t just invite somebody over. You need to make yourself endearing to other boys, you need to show an interest in them need to be relatable to them. Then, you need to learn the logistics of hanging out. This is complicated stuff.

In How to Hang Out I teach guys these exact skills I’m talking about here. The last school year session of how to hang out starts April 27th.

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