A strategy I used to teach how to understand others thoughts about you


This is a picture of the thought bubble I use to teach what my thoughts would be if I were a same age peer in the moment. When I use the thought bubble I don’t say that I’m going to use it and I don’t say anything about it. I simply write on it, hold it above my head and keep on going.

The reason I do that is because that’s what people do in real life. They may be having uncomfortable thoughts about you but they don’t always share them with you so we need to teach how to infer others thoughts.

Sometimes, I use it to show to I’m really bored when a kid is talking at me about their interests and not having a reciprocal conversation. Other times I use it to show when I’m having good thoughts about a kid because he’s showing in interest me in a way that’s expected for his age.

If you want your son to improve his social thinking skills he needs to understand others’ thoughts about him based on his words or behaviors.

There is no time to sugarcoat things with him. Other kids are not going to ask him nicely to change his behavior, they’re going to react and respond.

Kids with social learning challenges need to understand what others’ thoughts are about them in that moment, how they may be treated as a result of others thoughts, and how they might feel about themselves based on how they’re being treated by others.

If your son frequently says that he’s bullied or singled out there’s a good chance he may be doing things that make his peers uncomfortable and they’re reacting to him. If he does not understand why they’re reacting the way they are but knows he doesn’t like their reactions he may believe that he’s being bullied or singled out.

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