Teaching high school boys the hidden rules of male-male social communication


Because I’m teach social skills specifically to boys I teach the guys I work with when they are breaking the “hidden rules” of social communication, particularly when it comes to male-male social communication. “Hidden Rules” is a @socialthinking term used to describe behaviors that most people pick up intuitively. Often, individuals with social learning challenges do not pick up hidden rules intuitively and need to be taught them.

This was a group I was doing with two boys who I brought together because they went to the same school, had similar interests and similar social learning challenges but did not know each other.
I let them have a natural conversation and took pictures to show them how they were both breaking the hidden rules of male-male social communication.
While this may seem subtle or unnoticeable to many women it’s not unnoticeable to other boys their age.
Once I took these “before and after” photos it was much easier for both of these guys to understand how their body language was breaking hidden rules of male-male social communication.

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