What we do during Summer Trip Camp

When most camps do trips they do typical stuff like amusement parks, rather than exposing kids to new experiences.

During Summer Trip Camp we do unusual trips such as these two: A tour of a submarine and a trip to a historic pretzel bakery.

When you expose kids to new experiences and help them learn that things they didn’t know existed could be interesting and fun you teach them flexibility and how to be more open to new experiences.

When people hear about Summer Trip Camp they sometimes picture us sitting inside all day, working on executive function skills or having “social skills groups”. I can’t think of anything more boring 

The reality is we are out every day, we swim every day, we learn how to cook, manage money AND enjoy being together WITHOUT the use of electronics.

If your son will be between 11-15 he is eligible to participate in Summer Trip Camp which is based at the Jersey Shore in Margate. Camp is a very small program in order to provide a high degree of individualized attention.

Learn more: www.summertripcamp.com

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