Does your son have anxiety?

Do any of these describe your son?

  • Avoid social interactions with similar-age peers and prefers to be with younger kids or adults
  • Say “No” to anything new or unfamiliar
  • Gets upset/angry when he needs to step outside his comfort zone
  • Has a tendency to expect bad things will happen
  • Over-dependent on you and wants you to make decisions for him
  • Says “friends” are people he plays video games with online but knows nothing about them
  • Seeks repetitive reassurance
  • Has specific, irrational fears that will not go away despite you telling him that his fears are irrational 

Some important things to know about anxiety:

Well-meaning parents often feel at a loss as how to manage their son’s anxiety.  As a result, many do the opposite of what they should be doing. 

If you are allowing your son to avoid anxiety producing situations he is not learning how to cope with his anxiety. 

Boys who present with ADHD and anxiety require a specialized approach due to their executive functioning challenges. 

Social anxiety is common in boys diagnosed with ADHD as well as learning disabilities yet often mistaken for difficulty with social skills.  They are two different issues in which social anxiety must be addressed first.  

The focus of our work is teaching strategies to push through anxiety producing situations, develop self-advocacy skills and independent problem solving skills.  Additionally, we teach parents how to help their sons develop resiliency and to not enable their avoidance behaviors.

If you would like to help your son learn to manage his  anxiety, improve his self-confidence and ability to connect with same-age peers please contact us below to discuss next steps.