Anxious Parents Can Create Anxious Kids

Last year, I worked with an eighth grader who came to me because of his executive functioning challenges. During our first meeting I quickly learned that his mother highly micromanaged his academic career to the point that it made this boy incredibly anxious. This mother was so anxious about his grades that she would cause … Continue reading Anxious Parents Can Create Anxious Kids

Vocational high School & ADHD

Is this what you picture when you think of vocational a school? It's 2019, vocational schools have come a long way and a GREAT option for many kids with ADHD. My son attended vocational school and it was the best thing for him. Sadly, I find many parents have a negative connotation of what vocational … Continue reading Vocational high School & ADHD

Boys, ADHD and social anxiety

There is very little written about ADHD and social anxiety. What complicates this is most boys (ADHD or not) do not verbalize their social anxiety. It is a topic that is widely misunderstood both by parents and mental health professionals. This week, I was working with a sixth grader who has social anxiety around asking … Continue reading Boys, ADHD and social anxiety

I can’t have Fortnite? Then I’m going to kill myself

"I can't have Fortnite? Then I'm going to kill myself". This is actually situation I've dealt with this year with a 14 year old. I wanted to talk about something I see frequently that can be very scary for parents. Some of the kids I work with threaten to hurt themselves or suicide when they … Continue reading I can’t have Fortnite? Then I’m going to kill myself

Social anxiety and ADHD

Working with a high schooler with social anxiety. Many kids with ADHD also present with anxiety, the statistic is around 30%. There is also a group I see who do not present with general anxiety but develop social anxiety because of their difficulty navigating social situations when they were younger. Social anxiety is often mistaken … Continue reading Social anxiety and ADHD