Would Group Counseling Benefit My Son?

Social & Executive Function Skill-Building Groups for Boys in Elementary School through High School

Our groups provide a way for boys to authentically connect and learn among a group of similar-age boys in safe environment. The boys who participated in our small groups during last school year reported that they enjoyed the camaraderie of being in a group with other boys who shared similar profiles.

Groups are designed to teach social and executive functioning skills. Strategies to manage social anxiety around peers and build self-confidence are also taught in groups.

All prospective group participants who are new to Ride the Wave Counseling are required to have an intake interview. Groups are designed for boys diagnosed with ADHD or learning differences.  All group participants (as well as those who participate in individual sessions are eligible to participate in our monthly How to Hang Out program.

Some topics covered in our groups include:

(Social Thinking® Skills)

  • Understanding other’s thoughts and feelings and how you come across to others
  • Managing social anxiety around similar-age peers
  • Improving situational awareness (reading a room)
  • Developing cognitive flexibility for the sake of being part of a group
  • Being able to take directions from peers and give directions without being bossy
  • Learning how to move friendships beyond “lunch table friends” 
  • Understanding what other boys need from you in friendships
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Putting problems in a relevant context and engaging in collaborative problem solving
  • Learning how to spend time with other boys, without the use of electronics
  • Managing online communication (Dischord, social media, etc..)
  • Understanding the increased social expectations around hygiene/puberty
  • Learning the “hidden rules” of male-male social communication (aka not sounding like you walked out of a social skills group)
  • (Elementary School) Engaging in unstructured, reciprocal play
(Executive Functioning Skills)
  • Engaging in independent problem solving skills
  • Learning how to be proactive rather than reactive so things are not left until the last minute
  • Doing homework and completing assignments in a manner designed for your attention span
  • Planning ahead and complete tasks with a clear goal in mind
  • Conceptualizing time and figuring out how long assignments will take
  • Learning how to have more time to yourself
  • Understanding “the bigger picture” instead of just focusing on small details

Groups in Bryn Mawr meet Mondays and Tuesdays.
Groups in Linwood meet on Thursdays.

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