Groups for Boys with ADHD or Learning Differences

Group in Bryn Mawr, PA & Linwood, NJ

  • Does your son with ADHD or learning differences struggle with his executive function skills?
  • Is it hard for him to form close friendships with other boys his age?
  • Does he struggle with planning ahead?
  • Are you constantly prompting him to get things done?
  • Has therapy not been very effective in helping to develop his social and executive function skills? 

Don’t wait another school year hoping that these skills will simply improve with age or waste more time in “talk therapy” that isn’t effective.   Our groups provide an opportunity for boys to connect with other boys and learn skills and strategies they need to be successful.  

 Our groups are not “social skills groups” where we sit around and role play scripted, behaviors, rather we teach skills & strategies to improve executive function skills, make and sustain friendships and learn how to be relatable to similar-age boys.

In group your son will learn:
-Understanding how he comes across to others and understanding others’ thoughts/feelings
-Being flexible for the sake of being part of a group/working with others
-Managing social anxiety around similar-age peers
-Learning how to feel the passage of time
-Differentiating between small & big problems, solving problems independently
-Showing interest in other boys in order to cultivate friendships
-Learning how to go from “lunch table friends” to “outside of school friends”
-How to plan ahead and break tasks into manageable parts

All group participants are eligible to participate in our monthly How to Hang Out program.

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Help your son learn skills and strategies to be successful while learning how to connect with other boys his age.   Please fill out the contact form below to learn more: