Would group counseling benefit my son?

If you’re like most families you work with you may have found that taking your son to a  therapist who did not truly specialize in ADHD or anxiety was not a productive use of time or financial resources.  Typical “talk therapy” often leaves many boys feeling more isolated than because they are not sharing the experience of connecting with similar-age boys who share the same struggles.

Our  groups provide a way for boys to authentically connect and learn from a group of similar-age boys in safe environment. We learn strategies, solve problems, do activities and have fun in the process.

If your son has been in therapy for a long time and you’re not seeing the results that you’d like to see, our groups may be the solution.

Our groups for boys include:

Days and Times of Groups

Groups run on weekday afternoons/evenings  throughout the school year, with breaks during winter and spring break holiday from school.  Our How to Hang Out program occurs once per month and is only open to boys who participate in our groups.

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