Does your son lack close friends?

Does your son lack friendships with similar-age boys?

  • Does he spend most of his free time playing video games/watching videos and does not get invitations from peers?
  • Does he say his “friends” are people who he games with online?   
  • Can he make friends but has trouble keeping them?
  • Did he have friends in elementary school but seemed to lack friendships starting in middle school?
  • Does he say “no” when you ask him to invite someone over or suggest social activities to him?
  • Does he try to fit in with a group of peers who do not not accept him?
  • Has your son had an easier time talking to younger kids or adults?
  • Does he judge other kids as being “weird” or “annoying” yet often acts similar to them?

Despite the fact that they may not articulate their need for close friendships boys absolutely need close connections with similar-age boys. 

There are various reasons why boys may lack friendships including social anxiety, low self-confidence or a lack of understanding of what other boys need in friendships.  Additionally, many boys do not feel safe sharing their innermost feelings with other boys their age despite because they are fearful of rejection. 

Ride the Wave Counseling offers both individual counseling and counseling groups for boys .   Group counseling can be a particularly powerful experience for boys as they learn to feel safe expressing themselves while having fun spending time among a group of similar-age boys.

Skills we teach include:

  • Strategies to manage social anxiety around similar-age peers
  • Understanding how you come across to other’s
  • Understanding other’s thoughts, feelings and intentions
  • How to show other guys that you want to be friends
  • One’s responsibility in sustaining friendships
  • Social problem solving skills
  • How to share emotions in a safe way with other guys
  • How to go from “school friends” to “outside of school friends”

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