Elementary School How to Hang Out

Does this describe your son?

  • Has a hard time during less structured times at school like recess or gym
  • Struggles with “reading a room” or understanding what to do in social situations
  • Has a tendency to “police” other kids and tries to control play situations
  • Can be inflexible/say “no” to anything unfamiliar
  • Perceive himself as the victim when his peers react to his words/behavior
  • Enjoys being around other boys but has trouble engaging with them
  • Seem to sometimes “lack a filter” or not pick up on social cues
  • Relates better to younger children/older children and adults than his similar-age peers
  • Tends to talk at others about his interests
  • Can make friends but can’t keep them

Unbeknownst to many parents, social skills and executive function skills develop through unstructured play, not sitting in a social skills group practicing scripted behaviors. 

3rd/4th grade How to Hang Out combines instruction in the Social Thinking methodology with spending time in the community in order to provide real-time instruction in social executive function skills.

Our groups are designed for boys who present with ADHD or learning differences. Unlike most social skills providers, we do not use a “one size fits all” approach where students of varying abilities and learning needs are grouped together.

Topics covered in our elementary school groups include:

  • Understanding other’s thoughts and feelings and how you come across to others
  • Developing situational awareness (reading a room)
  • Learning to be more flexible around play and going along with what others want to do
  • Being able to take directions from peers and give directions without being bossy
  • Engaging in reciprocal play instead of parallel play
  • Putting problems in a relevant context and engaging in independent problem solving skills
  • Having reciprocal conversations rather than just talking at others about your interests

Families new to Ride the Wave Counseling must complete an intake interview prior to enrolling in How to Hang Out.  Please note that How to Hang Out is not “group therapy” thus it is not covered or reimbursable by insurance.   

Please contact us to discuss next steps: