Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried therapy before and it was not productive.  What makes you different than other child psychologists, counselors, etc.?
As many parents have learned traditional therapy/counseling is not designed for boys which is why many boys become adverse to participating in therapy.  The work Ryan does is based on how the male brain operates.  Ryan focuses on teach practical skills and strategies, not talking about feelings week after week.  Aside from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) the methodologies used do not come from the mental health field, rather most come from the speech-language pathology field (Social Thinking, executive functioning strategies, etc).  Both kids and parents find this work to be a welcome change from traditional therapy/counseling.    You can visit the ADHD Dude YouTube channel or ADDitude Magazine’s ADHD in Boys section to learn more about the work Ryan does. 

What is unique about what you do for ADHD?  We’ve tried various psychologists including “ADHD specialists” but they didn’t seem to offer anything aside from typical talk therapy.  
Typical counseling was not designed for individuals with ADHD or related challenges.  Lagging skills in the areas of executive functioning, social skills and emotional regulation are the foundation of ADHD.  Traditional therapy does not address these skill deficits.  Many parents have shared with us that they have worked with mental health professionals who claimed they specialized in ADHD yet did not offer anything to address executive functioning or social skills challenges.   ADHD cannot be treated simply by talking about it, it requires specific training and education in order to address these areas of lagging skills. 

Ryan Wexelblatt, Ride the Wave Counseling Director has extensive training in treating ADHD-related issues in the areas of social skills, emotional regulation, executive functioning, managing anxiety, etc.  

What are your fees and do you accept insurance?
Individual sessions with Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW:

  • 55-Minute Session:  $140
  • Telephone consultations and email correspondence requiring more than 15 minutes will be prorated at $90/hour
Ride the Wave Counseling is an out-of-network provider and does not contract directly with insurance companies. Payment is made directly to Ride the Wave Counseling at the time of service.  

You can contact your health insurance provider in advance so that you will be clear about what your out-of-network benefits are.  You should also find out if you need any pre-authorization for treatment.  Please tell your insurance provider you would be seeing an “out of network LCSW” (Ryan’s level of licensure).

*Please note: Groups and programs are skill-building groups, not “group therapy” and are not reimbursable by insurance.  

A credit card is required to book the initial appointment.  Your credit card will not be charged unless: you are a “no-show” meaning you do not call to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or you do not pay at your first session.  

Do you know someone in (insert your town here) who does what you do?
Ryan’s approach is based on trainings he acquired along with his years of experience.    There is no training program where one can go to develop this very specific skill set which why you will not find psychologists, counselors, etc.  who do similar work to Ryan.

Do you know a psychologist/therapist who does what you do but takes insurance?
Ryan is the only clinician throughout the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area who specializes in ADHD, anxiety with ADHD, learning differences and works specifically with males (and their families).

How often do we need to come?
Most clients come on a weekly basis.  If appointments are less than twice per month it is difficult for parents to see real progress given the executive functioning challenges of most of the individuals Ryan works with. 

Can my son just do a group or does he need to come for individual sessions?
We would discuss options during our intake appointment.  Some boys are not able to be successful in group right away and need to learn some foundational concepts in order to successfully be part of a group.   Our groups provide an opportunity for boys to improve their social thinking skills and executive functioning.  We do not sit around and talk about “social skills” or role play scripted, behaviors as this is not natural to how boys communicate with each other.  Groups are structured but  informal and fun.    

Our 16-year-old is bright but has a learning disability and has social anxiety around his peers.  Is this something you can help with? 
Definitely, we see many boys who struggle with slower processing and other learning differences which effects their ability to be socially successful.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our unique approach to helping kids with learning differences.

Our 11-year-old needs a lot of help with executive functioning.  What exactly do you do in these sessions?
The work Ryan does with executive functioning focuses on  “global executive functioning” skills, which are the skills required to develop a level of age-experienced indedpendence.    Areas we address include:  including: learning how to feel the passage of time, planning ahead, persevering through non-preferred tasks/assignments and learning how to be more independent.  Parents are typically involved in all or part of our executive function coaching sessions for students in elementary through high school.  Please note that Ryan does not offer academic executive function coaching although some academic strategies can be covered.  

How old does my son need to be to participate in your Summer Trip Camp? 
Boys who have completed 5th grade through 8th grade are eligible to participate in Summer Trip Camp.  Summer Trip Camp is a small program in order to provide a high degree of individualized instruction in executive functioning and Social Thinking concepts.  Early registration is strongly encouraged  Please go to our Summer Trip Camp website to learn more about this amazing summer experience.  

We don’t live in New Jersey, can you do online sessions with us?
Online coaching sessions are done through Ryan’s coaching practice, ADHD Dude.  Please check out ADHD Dude for information.  Please note that online coaching sessions are not “therapy” and not a replacement for mental health treatment.  Online coaching sessions are done through Ryan’s coaching practice, ADHD Dude.  Please check out ADHD Dude for information.  Please note that online coaching sessions are not “therapy” and not a replacement for mental health treatment. 

I wanted your opinion on my son, are you available for a phone consultation?
Ryan is able to provide 30 or 55 minute phone consultations.   Please go to “schedule an appointment” to schedule your phone consultation and please contact Ryan to let him know this will be by phone.   Please select “online appointment” for your phone consultation.    Please note that Ryan does not offer free consultation through email, social media or by phone.

Please contact Ryan to discuss next steps