How to Hang Out Program

How to Hang Out is a recreational program designed to help generalize social executive functioning skills.  Each month, the  boys who participate in our groups  or individual counseling have the option of participating in an active trip in order to help generalize skills we work and have fun with other boys their age.

The program starts with a brief lesson in reinforcing concepts we work on in groups/ individual sessions followed by a trip out into the community.  The boys who participate have a great time learning how to enjoy spending time with similar-age boys without the distraction of screen-based devices (phones, electronics, etc. are not permitted on How to Hang Out trips).

For security purposes, we do not post our upcoming trips online.  Parents of boys who participate in our groups will receive upcoming trip information monthly.   

How to Hang Out is only open to boys who participate in our weekly groups or individual counseling.

Please reach out to us to we can discuss how we can help your son be socially successful.