How to Hang Out Program

Does this describe your son in Middle School?

  • Had friends in elementary school that drifted away during middle school.
  • Rarely receives invitations to spend time with other boys
  • Says “friends” are people he games with online or sits at lunch with yet knows little about them
  • Relates better to younger kids or adults than similar-age peers
  • Says “No” when you ask if he wants to invite someone over
  • Hides behind his phone/screen devices when in social situations with peers.
  • Has attended social skills groups in the past which were not helpful.

How to Hang Out is a program for boys in Middle School diagnosed with ADHD or learning differences designed to help generalize social executive functioning skills.

How to Hang Out is not a social skills group where we sit around practicing scripted, socially appropriate behaviors that are unnatural to the way boys communicate with each other.

Instruction in social executive functioning skills are combined with a fun activity each week such as cooking, playing games and viewing/discussions about  YouTube videos. Optional, monthly trips out into the community supplement the program in order for participants to spend time together doing fun activities. 

Skills taught in How to Hang Out include:

  • Understanding how to appropriately show interest in other boys so they know you want to be friends
  • Overcoming social anxiety around similar-age peers
  • Understanding others’ thoughts and feelings and understanding how you come across to others
  • Learning how to use humor appropriately
  • Improving situational awareness (reading a room)
  • Going from “lunch table friends” to outside of school friends
  • Learning to be cognitively flexible for the sake of being part of a group
  • How to form close friendships with similar-age boys

Our groups are designed for boys who present with ADHD or learning differences. Unlike most social skills providers we do not use a “one size fits all” approach where students of varying abilities and learning needs are grouped together.

Groups are based in the Social Thinking methodology and integrate executive functioning strategies.  Ryan Wexelblatt, Ride the Wave Director is one of the few practitioners in the state to have earned a Social Thinking Clinical Training Level 1 Certificate of Completion.

How to Hang Out is offered at Ride the Wave Counseling in Linwood.  Trips are only available to those who participate in How to Hang Out or individual counseling. 

Please reach out to us to we can discuss how we can help your son be socially successful.