Is your son struggling in school?

  • Do his grades not reflect his ability?
  • Does he wait until the last minute to do bigger assignments?
  • Do discussions about school always cause fights in your house?
  • Is he getting into trouble in school on a regular basis?
  • Has therapy not been helpful in addressing his school performance or behavior?
  • Does he struggle during unstructured times like lunch, recess, art class?
  • Does he do homework and forget to turn it in?
  • Do his teachers say he’s capable but acts like the “class clown” to make other students laugh?

Boys struggle in school for a variety of reasons which may include: weaker executive functioning skills (which are often mistaken for behavior issues or a lack of motivation)  a lack of resiliency to persevere through non-preferred tasks like homework, lack of motivation or insecurity about their social status and friendships. We do not believe that any kids choose to be lazy, rather they lack the skills to successfully motivate themselves. 

Ryan Wexelblatt, Ride the Wave Director is a certified NJ school social worker and has worked with a wide variety of school-based issues throughout his professional career.  An expert in ADHD, learning disabilities and Asperger’s Syndrome Ryan is able to discern between learning, motivational and behavioral issues in the school setting.  

Skills we teach include:

  • Executive Functioning strategies such as learning how to “feel” time, plan ahead, backwards planning
  • Improving situational intelligence in school in order to improve behavior
  • Improving resiliency and building motivation to get through non-preferred tasks
  • How to do active studying instead of passive studying
  • Strategies to complete homework
  • Helping families navigate the process for an IEP/504 plan

Contact us to discuss how we can help your son reach his potential in school.