Are managing emotions difficult for your son?

  • Has your son become less open about his feelings or emotions as he’s gotten older ?
  • Does he say that “everything’s fine” or “stop worrying” even though you know that something is bothering him?
  • Is he quick to become angry, frustrated or does he cry easily?
  • Will he talk to you about hos he’s feeling but doesn’t want anyone else to know if something is bothering him?

As many parents have learned, traditional “talk therapy”/counseling is often ineffective for boys because it focuses on getting boys to verbalize their feelings and talk about problems which is counter-intuitive to how many boys and men communicate. 


Given that we specialize in working with boys and young adults both our individual counseling and counseling groups are designed to make the therapy process non-threatening and enjoyable.  

Skills we teach include:

  • Managing emotions in a manner expected for one’s age
  • Discerning the difference between “small problems”, “big problems” and responding appropriately
  • Social problem solving skills
  • Developing self-advocacy skills
  • How to share emotions in a safe way with other guys
  • How to ask for help in a way that feels comfortable

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