Meet Ryan Wexelblatt

Welcome! My name is Ryan, I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worked and certified School Social Worker who has spent nearly 20 years working with kids and young adults. 

I discovered my professional passion when I was looking for resources to help my son who has learning disabilities, social learning challenges as well as executive functioning delays.  Living in the Philadelphia area at the time I could not find any resources that were designed for kids with his profile.  As a result, I took the learning into my own hands.

My specialization in working with males happened organically.   Many of the Moms who reached out to me shared that they have been through multiple psychologists, counselors, etc.  only to find that they did not truly address ADHD-related issues or their son’s did not want to go to therapy because they were asked to talk about their feelings week after week or couldn’t relate to the therapist.   

Other Moms were looking to help their son’s improve their social skills and understood that in order to be relatable to similar-age boys their sons should learn how to connect with their peers from a male perspective.    This male approach to teaching social skills to boys with ADHD and drew families from all over the area.    To my knowledge, I am the only person in the country who specializes in teaching social skills from a male perspective. 

While I specialize in ADHD, anxiety with ADHD and learning disabilities I also work with guys who have no formal diagnosis but may struggle with challenging behaviors, low self-confidence, social anxiety or low frustration tolerance.  Parents are always involved in learning with their children.

Summer Trip Camp opened in 2017 as the first summer camp in the country designed for boys with ADHD or learning differences who need to improve their executive functioning, social skills and age-expected independence

Most recently, I partnered with ADDitude Magazine to create a new section on their website, ADHD in Boys in which I answer viewers’ questions.   Please feel free to check out my blog and follow the Ride the Wave Counseling Facebook page as well. 

I look forward to connecting with you,
Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW
Ride the Wave Counseling & Summer Trip Camp Director

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Certified School Social Worker
  • Received Social Thinking® Clinical Training Level 1 Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Youth from the Beck Institute
  • Extensive training in executive functioning support strategies
  • Training from Temple University Children & Teen Anxiety Clinic
  • Certified Autism Specialist

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