Middle School Crash Course

Is your son with ADHD starting middle school this year or did he struggle in middle school last year?

Do any of these characteristics describe him?

  • Need constant supervision or prompting to complete routine tasks and homework
  • Becomes angry/argumentative when told to get off video games
  • Tend to relate better to younger kids or adults than similar-age peers
  • Had more difficulty making/keeping friends when he got to 5th or 6th grade
  • Believes homework will take much longer than it actually will
  • Tends to have one sided conversations about his interests
  • Struggles with “reading a room” 
  • Has a messy school backpack or carries around too much
  • Completes homework but forgets to turn it in
  • Under or over-estimates how long it will take to complete assignments
  • Has a hard time recalling how he performed a task in the past

The adjustment to middle school is often difficult for boys diagnosed with ADHD or learning differences.  Social expectations and executive functioning demands increase significantly.  Teachers expect greater social and emotional maturity from students whom are often several years behind their classmates in these areas.   Navigating a new building, new peers and dealing with puberty simultaneously can  make the adjustment to middle school particularly challenging.

Middle School Crash Course is our new program designed to teach boys and their parents specific skills and strategies in order to help them meet the increased social and executive functioning demands of middle school. A parents-only session is included in the program to empower parents with the knowledge they need to help their son make a successful transition to middle school or have a better school year.

This fun, interactive program covers the following topics:

  • Strategies to handle anxiety about being in a new school/new building
  • Showing other boys that you want to be friends in an expected manner
  • Developing situational awareness aka “reading a room”
  • Understanding social expectations and “hidden rules” around topics pertaining to hygiene/puberty
  • Developing a system to write down homework and complete homework in a time-efficient manner
  • Executive functioning strategies to help write down homework and remember to turn it in

Topics covered with parents include:

  • Understanding why developing independence needs to take precedence over grades
  • Strategies to move your son from being “prompt-dependent” towards being more independent
  • Helping your son develop self-advocacy skills
  • Strategies to help improve situational awareness in unstructured social situations
    Managing “screen time” and putting parameters around video gaming
  • Helping your son learn how to conceptualize time
  • Understanding why educational technology can be a hindrance to kids with ADHD and how to use it effectively

Space in Middle School Crash Course is limited to 10 students.

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