Counseling for Boys


  • Have you tried therapy for your son and found it wasn’t productive?
  • Did your son dread going because the therapist asked him to talk about his feelings week after week?
  • Has your son been resistant to therapy because he feels like it’s going to be a repeat of his prior experience?


  • Therapy was not designed for boys.   The act of sitting across from someone who asks you to verbalize your feelings on demand is completely counter-intuitive to how the male brain operates.
  • Mental health professionals receive no training in gender-based brain differences.  As a result, most therapists do not understand how to make therapy “boy friendly” and congruent with male brain development.
  • Because therapy is not designed for males 4 out of 5 males who enter therapy will drop out.

Ryan’s approach to therapy is a vast departure from typical therapy/counseling which most boys find to be unrelatable based on feedback from parents.

Utilizing principles of male brain development, Ryan’s approach is unlike any other mental health professional in the area.   

Therapy focuses on learning skills and strategies, not talking about feelings week after week.  Ryan offers online sessions for those not in South Jersey.  Please note that online sessions are for ages 11 and up and there may be a 1-2 month wait before Ryan has availability (depending on the time of year). 

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