“When I showed my husband saw your video he said it really resonated with him because he felt like you were describing our son without ever meeting him.   He also felt that it was important he learn social skills from a guy considering he is around women all day.  I’m glad your brought this to our attention because it’s something I would not have thought about.
-Mom of an 8 year old

“Your approach to working with boys is great and exactly what my son needed.  I wish we had found you earlier.”
-Mom of an 11 year old

“Prior to you we went to three child psychologists who said they specialized in ADHD.  None of them taught the skills that you teach or were as candid with us.”
-Mom of a 12 year old

“Our son always looks forward to seeing Ryan because he knows he’s not going to just ask him how he’s feeling and he has given him some concrete steps to help him with his social anxiety.
-Mom of a 15 year old

“We tried so many therapists in the past and it was the same thing over and over-talk about his week, ask us how he’s been doing.  We never got anywhere.   I was skeptical but realized you got him the first time we met.
-Dad of a 13 year old

“You’ve been the most helpful of all the professionals we’ve deal with.”
-Mom of an 18 year old

“When my son asked on his own to come see you I knew we had found the right person.”
-Mom of an 7 year old

“The last ADHD specialist we went to scolded my son for not being able to sit still while we were talking. At that point I realized that he really didn’t get what it was like to live with ADHD.   I was convinced that we would never find anyone who could teach us what to do, not just talk about feelings.   Really glad that my son’s teacher told us about you!
-Mom of a 10 year old