Has therapy not been helpful to your son?


  • Have you tried therapy for your son and found it wasn’t productive?
  • Has your son been resistant to participating in counseling again because of his past experiences?
  • Was therapy not helpful in addressing your son’s ADHD?

As many parents have learned traditional therapy/counseling is often not “boy-friendly” in the sense that treatment often looks like attempting to find ways to get boys to verbalize his innermost thoughts and feelings.  In reality, most boys don’t operate this way thus therapy is often not a productive use of time or financial resources.   

We understand from a male perspective how to make therapy a positive and productive experience for boys and young men who may have an aversion to participating in therapy based on their past experiences.

Our approach is about teaching practical strategies and skills in a structured but informal environment. We offer both individual sessions as well as groups. Parents are always involved in learning with their children.  

When appropriate, we believe that group counseling can be very effective for boys as it provides them with the opportunity to learn with their similar-age peers, in an environment where they can be feel safe being authentic.

Areas we frequently work on during our sessions include:

  • Developing age-expected emotional regulation skills
  • Improving compliance at home
  • Developing resiliency to get through non-preferred tasks (homework, chores, etc.)
  • Understanding how you come across to others (perspective taking)
  • Learning how to differentiate between what’s a “small problem” or “big problem”
  • Reducing compulsive video gaming/internet usage
  • Managing social anxiety around similar-age peers
  • Improving self-advocacy skills
  • Developing independent problem solving skills
  • Improving perspective taking ability (understanding other’s thoughts and feelings & understanding how you come across to others)
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Cultivating and sustaining friendships

Topics frequently addressed with parents include:

  • Addressing executive functioning and behavior issues associated with ADHD and related challenges
  • Helping your child to develop resiliency
  • Moving your child from being “prompt-dependent” towards independent
  • Setting realistic expectations at home
  • Helping your child shift from a sense of entitlement towards a motivation to earn things
  • Creating parameters around “screen time” usage in the home
  • Managing your child’s emotions/behavior at home 

Therapy is provided by Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW-Director. Please contact us for a free phone consultation or to set up an appointment.