Why Families Choose Us

The boys and young adults we work with have many strengths, great qualities, and tremendous potential.  As reported by their parents, the vast majority have not benefited from traditional therapy or social skills groups.

Traditional talk therapy/counseling is often counter-intuitive to how the male brain works. Treatment often looks like attempting to get the individual to verbalize his innermost thoughts and feelings.   In reality, most boys and young men don’t operate this way.  Furthermore, traditional counseling is not designed to address lagging social, executive functioning and emotional regulation skills associated with ADHD and related challenges.

Families choose Ride the Wave Counseling because our approach is about teaching practical strategies and skills in a structured but informal environment. Parents are always involved in learning with their children.  

We understand from a male perspective how to make therapy a positive and productive experience for boys and young men who may have any aversion to participating in therapy based on their past experiences.

Please contact us to discuss next steps, we look forward to meeting your family.